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Time series plots

Select one or more instruments below, together with the preferred measurement, time period, and scale, and click "Retrieve" / "Update" (or press Enter) in order to visualize a time series plot.
After visualizing the data, you will be able to explore them using the interactive plots and to export the datasets as tables.
Click here to load example data: total radiation dose rate measurements from the four DORELI instruments (DosTel1, DosTel2, Lidal, REM-Lid) during the 24 hour span on March 1st, 2022.
Instrument   Time period Value, unit Value, unit
  start end min. max. median mean std interpolated cumulative* mean cumulative**
* Interpolated cumulative values are calculated under the assumption that a logged value captures the corresponding time span fully. This is accurate for datasets that do not have gaps in data, i.e. each logged value summarizes its associated interval. For datasets with gaps, an interpolated cumulative value will not reflect fluctuations that occurred inside such gaps.
** Mean cumulative values are calculated from means of values and time deltas in an attempt to approximate values in gaps.