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The RadLab portal and the RadLab data API

RadLab is a portal that aims to provide a single point of access to radiation telemetry data from multiple databases maintained by multiple space agencies.
The Web interface provides the ability to query, visualize, inspect, and download data; for example, time series plots of readings from multiple instruments, pairwise comparisons of instrument readings, and geospatial visualizations of absorbed radiation dose rate and flux registered by the instruments.
The underlying API enables data selection and retrieval at a programmatic level. Read about the data and features in the current release Read about interactive plots

Overview of available instrument readings

Explore the data available from the ISS or from instruments in BLEO, or directly explore the overview table below to filter for instruments (using the dropdowns above the table) and time spans of interest (by panning and zooming the interactive plot).
Tick the checkboxes next to the instruments of interest to proceed with more in-depth visualizations.